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About Navalex International, Inc.

Company Overview

Since its conception in 1988, Navalex International, Inc. has been a leader in providing marine products for the construction and maintenance of commercial vessels.

As our motto clearly states "Serving you above and below the waterline" we are a group of people dedicated to provide the world's marine industry with the best products and services available in our industry. We strive to serve you in a unique manner combining our sales and services with our vast experience. We offer technical support & product recommendations focused in our main goal: that you receive the best possible satisfaction as our customer.

Since 1970, our personnel has been involved in the development of multiple construction projects among others: 13 oil tankers, 76 patrol vessels, 115 tug boats and 1154 fishing vessels. These figures do not include repaired vessels.

Navalex International, Inc. also has the capability of procuring materials and technical support for military naval vessels, a specialty in which it has been involved with various navies.


  • Global Representation and distribution of fine marine manufacturers
  • Export shipping services & documentation
  • Technical support by qualified personnel
  • Prepare feasibility studies in boat construction
    (commercial and military projects)
  • Feasibility studies in fisheries and oceanographic projects
  • Planning and development of artisanal fishing and aquaculture projects
  • Naval architecture consulting services
  • Purchasing agents for special materials or custom made equipment
  • Acquisition of mil-specs materials for navy vessels


All products sold by Navalex International, Inc. have a factory warranty that is passed along to the buyer. A written request is required by us before returning any merchandise covered under these warranties. PLEASE CHECK THE LABELS OR GUARANTEE PAPERS OF ANY PARTICULAR ITEM SUBJECT TO GUARANTEE RETURN

Terms and Conditions

Navalex International, Inc. is a wholesale export distributor and representative that will sell only to bonafide shipyards, dealers, marine stores, fishing fleets, navies and other marine related operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Terms are irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit, payable at sight against presentation of required documents.
  • Prepayment by wire transfer or cashier's check.
  • Export credit terms may be available to qualified customers. Please inquire.


Our prices are quoted F.O.B. Miami, Florida, unless specified otherwise.

Shipping Instructions

Customers should provide us with shipping instructions. Otherwise, we will use our judgement in selecting carrier or route.

Key Associate Personnel

Miguel A. VasalloMiguel A. Vasallo

A marine and industrial engineer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Mr. Vasallo worked with Bertram Yachts for ten years in the engineering department where he participated in the development and production of their 37', 43', 50', 60' and 72' motor yachts. After working for a year in Mexico on a naval project, he joined Navalex International, Inc. in 1991.

Lilly DiazLilly Diaz
Vice President of Sales

With our group since 1993, Lilly was our former Operations Manager supervising all the date-to-date activities such as customer service, accounting, and general logistics. As of January 2014 Lilly became Vice President of Sales.

Eddy F. Hernandez Eddy F. Hernandez
Operations Manager

Mr. Hernandez, who has worked in the marine industry for more than 30 years, is responsible for developing and executing new strategies in support of worldwide expansion. Previously with Bertram Yachts, Mr. Hernandez has held positions in both manufacturing control and supply chain management. He joined Navalex International Inc in 2010.

Michael VasalloChristoph Witt

Commercial Director - Europe

Christoph is Navalex International's Commercial Director in Europe. As a proven leader with numerous years of sales and marketing experience in the recreational marine industry, he has worked for reputable companies such as Aqua Signal and Torqeedo. His commitment is worldwide expansion of our represented line of commercial marine products and services, particularly in the European market.

Matheus ReisMatheus Reis

Commercial Sales Director Brazil

Matheus has been in the commercial marine industry for many years, bringing a technical background with a degree in Naval Engineering. He has always had direct participation in managing new design, construction and repair projects of vessels such as Port and Ocean Boats, Tugboats, River Pushers, Fluvial Pushers, Small Port Boats, General Cargo Ferries, Bulk Carriers as well as Oil, Grain and Cargo Barges according to the technical and operational requirements of the Navy and Shipowners.

Lucas VarelaLucas Varela

Commercial Director - Paraguay and Paraná River System

Lucas Varela has an MBA from Universidad Americana in Asuncion and offers a long history of industry experience. He has served as Chief Engineer, Industrial Maintenance Engineer, Technical Manager at Transbarge Navegacion and P&O Maritime. Lucas is also the current director of the Navegistic Trade Show in Paraguay.

Lucas VarelaJose Ruben Caraveo T.
Commercial Director - Mexico

A naval engineer with more than 30 years of experience in design, construction, and reparation of fiberglass, steel and aluminum vessels such as: fast supply vessels (FSVs), barges, and tugboats. He specialized his studies in the areas of logistics, naval structures, and quality management systems. Mr. Caraveo has 21 years of experience in the Mexican Navy retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Commander and area director for production services in the Manzanillo Colima, shipyard, Mexico’s busiest port.

Corporate Associations

Navalex International, Inc. is indirectly associated to other specialized companies in the marine industry, which gives it the ability to provide a full service. These are:

  • E & P Marine Inc. - Acts as a manufacturer's representative, mainly in the field of pleasure and sports crafts, retail dealers and OEM boat builders.
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