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Michigan Wheel Inboard Propellers and Bearings

About Michigan Wheel

The commercial propellers at Michigan Wheel are sophisticated and specific to the needs of commercial boat owners. We make most of our propellers here in the USA, and have almost unlimited possibilities for size, going up to 11 meters or more. No matter the size, our propellers feature certified materials for consistent durability and lifespan, and are manufactured to be reliable, efficient, and quiet. Michigan Wheel is proud of our superb customer service, and distribution networks to help commercial boat owners get the products, service, and support that they need as fast as possible. Michigan Wheel DYNA SERIES Specifications
The Aqualube bearing line, well established by the Michigan Wheel Europe and Michigan Wheel MEAA (Middle East, Africa, Asia) divisions is available in the Americas. These world class nitrile rubber bearings feature a unique flute design that facilitates the formation of a hydrodynamic wedge in operation, even at slow speeds. The craftsmanship and tolerance of the Aqualube bearings is unsurpassed. Michigan Wheel Aqualube Bearings

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Catalog (nozzles):
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Catalogs (technical):
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Catalogs (bearings):
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  • ISO 4566:1992
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