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About T-ISS

T-ISS manufactures safety products for the marine shipbuilding and offshore industries including the Hydrostatic Release Units (HRUs) for EPIRB and liferafts, Spray-Stop antisplash protection tape, retro reflective tapes and other specialized marine safety tapes.

Manufacturer's Products

Seamate Ve-1 Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU)Hydrostatic Release Unit with liferaft

For EPIRB and liferafts of 6 to 150 persons.

  • 50% increase in expiry date
  • 33% less maintenance
  • 33% less waste
  • Economical pricing

Download installation instructions.

Seamate Ve-1 Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU)

Spray-Stop Antisplash Tape

Spray Stop Tape protect against spray-out and leaks from pipe joints. Download product brochure.

Other safety tapes include:

  • Pipe Repair tape
  • Light Line Tape
  • Hatch Cover Tape
  • Slip-Stop Tape
  • Warning & Floor Tape
  • Heat-Stop Tape
Spray Stop Antisplash Tape

Solas Pipemarking Tapes

Identification colors for the content of piping systems

Marking Tape:Spray Stop Antisplash TapeMarking Tape:Spray Stop Antisplash Tape

Pipes must be marked:

  • At least once in every room
  • At each point where the pipe passes a wall, ceiling or floor
  • In the proximity of each valve
  • Within a distance of 3-5m (depending on length of the pipe)

Solastape supplies all IMO pipemarking tapes in different sizes, and designs, all correspond with the ISO 14726 resolution

Retro Reflective Tape

T-ISS retro reflective tape is intended for reflectorizing SOLAS life suport equipment such as life vests, jackets, and rafts.

An encapsulated lens type sheeting with a flexible and highly transparent plastic film. It ensures long durabllity, high brightness and antidelamination. An encapsulated lens design that provides high reflectivity over a wide range of wet or dry entrance angles. All products reflect a bright white.

Retro Reflective Tape

Contact us for a complete list of products and specifications from T-ISS.


  • Seamate Ve-1 Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) DNV Wheelmark Certificate
  • Retro Reflective Tape Certificates include USCG Certificate of Approval, Wheelmark Declaration of Conformity, GL EC Type Examination Certificate, Green Passport
  • Spray-Stop Antisplash Tape Certificates include Bureau Veritas, Korea Register, RINA 1861, Lloyd's Register Type Approval, ABS Type Approval Program, Germanscher LloydChina Classification Society, DNV, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai ClassNK
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