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Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings

Deep Sea Seals - A Wartsila Product

About Wärtsilä Seals and Bearings

Sales and service of water and oil lubricated seals and bearings, couplings and complete small vessel propulsion systems. Deep Sea Seals covers all seals and bearings related functions under one umbrella: research and development, production, engineering and sales support.

Deep Sea Seals, A Wärtsilä Product

Not limited to seals and bearings, the Wärtsilä portfolio can supply complete small vessel, fixed pitch propulsion systems and other integrated solutions and services. Integrated propulsion systems, from the output of the gearbox through the propeller and rudder.

Environmental Products Which Lower Operating Costs with Water Lubricated Seals and Bearings from Wärtsilä.
Water lubricated, pollution free seals and composite bearings improve vessel maintainability and lower through life costs of your operations.  Coastal and Inland solutions include:
Enviroguard Seal - Large range, propeller shaft seal available in bronze or
composite technology
Steerguard Seal - Rudder stock sealing systems
Envirosafe Bearing - Composite water lubricated propeller shaft bearings.
Steersafe Bearing - Composite water lubricated rudder stock bearings.

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