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About Morse Rubber

Morse Ship Fenders and Fender Systems are available in several types. Extruded Fenders are produced in Cylindrical, Square, D-Shaped and other profiles. Custom Pre-Curving and Drilling to meet specific customer requirements are available. Ship Fender Systems combine extruded fenders with large cylindrical bow fenders: Type - CB and modular block system fenders: Type - W and Key Hole Type to provide the best available performance and hull protection. Morse Ship Fenders are produced with EPDM rubber to provide high durability combined with superior resistance to environmental attack by sunlight and ozone.

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  • ABS
  • Approvals: U.S. Navy MIL-B-17901-A CL II


Morse Extruded Fenders Catalog

Morse Keyhole Block Fenders Catalog

Morse Type CB Fenders Catalog

Morse Type W Fenders Catalog











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