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December 1, 2015 - Miami, Florida

Phoenix Lighting Products Now Available Through Navalex International

Phoenix ProductsPhoenix Lighting ProductsAs of December 1st, 2015, Navalex International, Inc has teamed up with the Phoenix Product Company Inc to bring the latest technology and optimum solutions in commercial marine lighting to its worldwide audience of naval architects, designers, shipbuilders, fleet owners and navies.

Phoenix is now represented by Navalex International in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia including the Middle East and India.

From reliable, traditional lighting designs to cutting-edge LED technology, Phoenix provides premium fixtures that deliver the quality and durability that marine operations require. Product offerings include LED and traditional lighting technologies including berth lights, dock lights, floodlights, area lights, explosion-proof lights, vapor-proof lights, searchlights and fixtures needed for hazardous locations.


November 3, 2015 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Europort 2015, Navalex Ehibits Perko's new Searchlight and Navigation Lights Display

Perko Searchlight and Navigation Lights Display at Europort

Europort is the international maritime meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. There was no better venue for Navalex International to literally roll-out Perko's new searchlight and navigation lights display than right here. The new display features Perko's Searchlight with Xenon technology. XR Series Xenon Searchlights are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of commercial marine applications. The short arc Xenon filled lamps produce an extremely bright and very white light which can be focused in the pilothouse into a narrow long range beam.

XR Series Searchlights Product Description:

  • Heavy Duty Marine Latches
  • Sealed Waterproof Construction
  • Heavy Rolled Marine Aluminum Housing
  • Safety Interlock Switch
  • Iridium Coated Reflector
  • Heavy Duty Rack & Pinion Assembly
  • Cast Marine Aluminum Yoke & Base
  • Optional Heater System
  • Quality Ball Bearings
  • 110 or 220 Volt Power Supply
  • Remote Control Pane


October 1, 2015 - Asuncion, Paraguay

Samson Rope Interview at Navegistic Trade Show

From the Navalex International pavilion at Navegistic, John Glaser from Samson Rope discusses synthetic rope made with Dyneema®. These are high performance lines for the face and wing wires. In this region they are also used as barge wires for inland waterway towing. The synthetic rope is much lighter and easier to handle, it lasts longer than wire rope, and offers increased safety and efficiency. Samson plans to stock locally. This will allow shipment to the end user within a day or two.

Samson had live demonstrations during the show educating users how to care for the rope as well as how to splice.

September 30, 2015 - Asuncion, Paraguay

Navalex Rolls-out Two Pavilions at Navegistic with Factory Reps and Hands-on Demonstrations

Navalex Pavillion at Navegistic 2015

NavegisticNavalex International shares its passion for technology as a way to move the world forward. As a true leader in the industry, we go the extra mile to deliver our audience the right products for the right job.

Navalex required two pavilions at Navegistic, one for it's light products such as LED lighting from Phoenix Products, Navigation lights from PERKO, heating plates from Trantor among others. The other pavilion located outside was used for heavier products such as a five ton winch and other deck equipment from NABRICO. Samson sponsored a hands-on splicing demonstration.



August 11, 2015 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Orca-Navalex brings Factory Representatives to Marintec South America

Orca-Navalex Pavillion at Marintec South America 2015

Genil Mazza photographed for an interview

Orca-Navalex is deeply committed to Brazil's shipbuilding industry in a way like no other company. Joined by representatives of all of its major suppliers, Orca-Navalex put on quite a show at Marintec South America. One-on-one discussions with factory representatives along side actual product samples allowed visitors a unique experience. Visitors had the ability to listen, learn and ask questions while receiving hands-on demonstrations.

The media was no stranger to the pavilion. Attracted by the latest in US, Canadian and European technology, along with the abundance of manufactures at the Orca-Navalex pavilion.


March 17, 2015 - Asuncion, Paraguay

Navalex Presents the First Technical Symposium for the Panara Inland Waterway in Asuncion

Colombia's President

Simposio Tecnico de la HidroviaThe First Technical Symposium for the Panara Inland Waterway presented by Navalex International was held on March 17, 2015 inside the San Roque Salon of the Boutique Hotel La Mision in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Key personnel and leaders in the commercial marine industry were treated to speakers from the United States, Canada and Holland. Each speaker, highly specialized in their field of the marine industry, will be presenting the lastest in new technology and focused equipment for the area's inland waterway system. Each presentation lastest 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of interactive questions and answers.

The primary goal was to bring newer, safer, more efficient, greener, cost saving technologies to the area. Some topics included the use of synthetic rope to replace dangerous steel cables for transporting barges, the necessary deck equipment and the cost analysis. Retrofitting of ship's controls from slower more dangerous systems to cutting edge, fast-responding electronic systems was another topic of high interest.

Distinguished speakers in the First Technical Symposium for the Panara Inland Waterway included:

Daniel Butler - Deck equipment expert
Company: NABRICO
Country: United States
Dale Gusick - Over 40 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of cooling systems.
Company: R.W. Fernstrum / WEKA
Country: United States / The Netherlands
Lance Lidstone – Renowned specialist in ship steering and control systems.
Company: KOBELT
Country: Canada

Steve Kahlenberg - Over 22 years of engineering and manufacturing experience with stainless steel propellers specifically designed for use in inland waterway systems such as the Mississippi River.
Company: Kahlenberg Industries
Country: United States

Michael Vasallo - Versed in the marine application of synthetic rope
Company: Navalex International represents Samson Rope
Country: United States
Miguel A. Vasallo - President of Navalex International, expert in navigation lights including searchlight using Xenon technology.
Company: Navalex International represents Perko
Country: United States

March 11, 2015 - Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos visits the Navalex Stand at ColombiaMar 2015

Colombia's President

ColombiaMar 2015During ColombiaMar 2015 Miguel A. Vasallo, president of Navalex International explains in detail the quality and technology behind a Fernstum Gridcooler™ to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. "Your shipyards are installing the very best cooling systems available today," says Mr. Vasallo, adding "We are very Navalex International stand at ColombiaMar 2015proud of that fact."

ColombiaMar 2015 is the VI international exhibition of the marine industry that brings together the finest companies in the naval, maritime, inland waterway and port sector, establishing itself as an important showcase for suppliers of goods and services to promote their products, find new opportunities business and learn new technologies.

Navalex International is an important contributor at ColombiaMar by showcasing the latest technologies and products from Samson (synthetic rope), NABRICO (deck hardware), Perko (searchlights and navigation lights), Kobelt (steering, controls and braking systems), Ritchie Navigation (compasses), Fernstrum (keel coolors) and WEKA (boxcoolers).

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